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Join the best

Improve both your business-skills as your sport-skills by joining successful entrepreneurs that manage their business from anywhere!

Like-minded and ACTIVE

Your profile: social, sporty, adventurous, life-lover, ambitious. And last but not least: you’re an entrepreneur!

Learn and get inspired

An unforgettable experience where you’ll get inspired, expand your network, get your work done and enjoy your favorite sports!

No worries

We take care of an excellent accommodation, comfortable workplace and an inspiring program. You only need to bring your laptop!

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What is Flaks?

Flaks is the Norwegian word for 'luck'. Flaks is founded on the belief that entrepreneurs are increasingly location independent and that the Internet is also present in the most beautiful places of the world. We organise adventure holidays for flexible entrepreneurs, because we believe that luck sometimes could use a hand. Have an unforgettable experience together in an inspiring setting and outdoor scene while you can co-work under a palm tree. That's Flaks! [/three_fourth_last][/box]


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27 Aug - 3 Sept 2022


Flaksworking is flexible working from anywhere you want

A different way of combining working and lifestyle

A happy lifestyle

No trafficjams, no commuting to work, no 9 to 5 mentality. Flaksing is done from the location you choose at the time that is most convenient for you.

Able to work remote

For increasing types of services and businesses the work and communication takes place online. You only need a laptop and internet. Flaksers are free and flexible to work remote for a period of time.

Healthy living

If you’ve got Flaks, every day is a new adventure with lots of sports. Kitesurfing, scubadiving, mountainbiking: for Flaksers this is daily routine.

Our goal: Help more people to get more Flaks!

The coworking holidays of Flaks!

We want to help people to discover the potentials of our time and combine their work with a great lifestyle. For that reason we organise coworking holidays for sporty entrepreneurs. Together with like-minded ‘Flaksers’ you share an amazing experience with lots of sport, outdoor activity, good food and inspiration. You only have to bring your laptop, we’ll take care of the rest.

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An awesome and unique concept to enjoy your most favorite hobby together with like-minded entrepreneurs. The program with the other entrepreneurs was very interesting and inspiring. Next to this, there was plenty of time to go kitesurfing, get some work done or spend your day in the way you want it. I wouldn’t have want to miss this!

Henry Kruissing, Flakser 2014

XLIM Solutions


Elmar Haker – Founder of Flaks

[/one_half][one_half_last]The possibilities that our generation have are totally new. For the first time in history we can use our own skills, knowledge and talents to provide services to clients on the other side of the world, without them noticing anything. Internet is now available anywhere, including the most beautiful places in the world! What are we waiting for? [/one_half_last][/box]

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