Remote Entrepreneurs community

Remote Entrepreneurs Community

Life is better on FlipFlops

You love to travel and experience new things. For you it’s not about that brand new car, but about the freedom that comes with it.

Luck is an attitude

You have a positive mindset and take calculated risks. You’re always experimenting and coming up with new bold ideas.

It’s not a business, but a way of life

You love what you do and what you’re doing it for, it’s not only about making money, it’s about doing the right things with your time.

Does the above apply to you?

Great, read on! 🙂

A Facebook hangout for Remote Entrepreneurs

For years we’ve been working on our laptops. At first we only worked in co-working places in our home country, but increasingly we went out for short ‘workations’ to combine our business ambitions with our urge to experience beautiful remote places. We slowly learned what works and what does not work. Found the most beautiful places and met incredible interesting people.

We have created a Facebook group where it’s all about just that: sharing your experiences, learn from each other and set up meetings for the bold and entrepreneurial. Help to inspire each other and connect in an easy way!

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Join a growing community of Remote Entrepreneurs

Cool kids together

This group is for entrepreneurs that focus on combining the ultimate business with the ultimate lifestyle.


Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

We only accept people that are already making a living with their own business. This way we keep it inspiring for all.

Not only DiNo’s

This group is not only for ‘digital nomads’. Every entrepreneur with a heart for business and a mind for adventure is welcome. It’s about keeping ourselves inspired.

We even have a community hashtag!

So, where are you…



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